Bamboo iPhone 5 Case by Eimolife

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case by Eimolife

Eimolife has developed and put into production a nice bamboo case for the iPhone 5. This case retains the natural good looks, even colors, and rugged simplicity of the Eimolife line of wood iPhone cases while updating it for the iPhone 5.

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The Eimolife bamboo case features a great natural look – the “signature” look of wooden, and specifically, bamboo iPhone cases. This case in particular has a lighter tone to it that go nicely as a two-tone case (there are two strips of slightly lighter bamboo towards the middle of the case).

The case is “split” into two parts for ease of use and attachment to your iPhone. You put the two pieces around the the outer edge and it then locks together. This forms a nice barrier and protects your phone from normal use and damage. That said, the standard wood case disclaimer applies: if you plan on using your iPhone 5 in an industrial environment or you are very prone to high drops or other severe treatment of your phone you should look for a case that will provide a high level of protection, at the cost of losing some of the visual appeal. Cases such as those made by Otterbox work well for these hard use scenarios.

One of the cool aspects of buying a bamboo case is knowing that you are getting something that is 100% recyclable as well as being renewable. It is not even a close comparison when lined up against the typical plastic and gel-type cases. Against other wood cases the bamboo also shines – bamboo trees grow very fast compared to any other trees and are easily replaced and re-grown.

The Eimolife bamboo iPhone 5 case is also one hundred percent handmade and it shows. The case is well designed and crafted, with a smooth but “grippable” feel to it. The corners have a nice rounded edge to them and the recessed areas for the ports, controls, and inputs also have a rounded side in order to give it a nice feel and a good look.

The Eimolife bamboo case is compatible with iPhone 5’s from the following carriers:

Overall, Eimolife has made a solid bamboo case for the iPhone 5 – the price is decent and the look is outstanding. If you’re looking for a wood case for your iPhone 5 you should seriously consider the Eimolife case. If you’re into some great artwork on your phone, you can also look at some of the Eimolife cases with engravings.

Or, if you would like to get a bamboo iphone case with custom engraving, look into the iGear offer for customized artwork at a great price.

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