Bamboo iPhone 5 Case Natural

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case Natural

One of the first bamboo iPhone 5 cases on the market, this 100% natural bamboo wood case is a very nice. With the natural finish, smooth lines, and slim contours, the case is a bamboo lover’s dream come true. Even if you aren’t “in love” with bamboo, you have to admit that this case is really nice and just looks great! It comes with some handy protection features to keep your phone safe and undamaged and manages to look great in the process.

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Not only does the natural bamboo wood of the case help to protect and cradle your iPhone 5 but there is also additional protection features built into this case. The one that provides the most preventative protection is the felt that is to be found on the “inside” of the case – this keeps any small imperfections that may slip into the case (grit, sand, other small debris) from scratching or otherwise damaging your iPhone 5.

This bamboo case also comes with a free screen protector – a nice add on that is free of charge.


The feel of the bamboo wood case is outstanding – the natural feel of the wood is a nice change from the rubbery texture that is found on many cases, sometimes this rubber can also aid in picking up grit, grime, and other particles that may end up making the phone dirty or even damaging it.


The manufacturer of this bamboo iPhone case guarantees against any defects and will replace or refund the case in the event that you find any issues within the warranty period.


Overall, this is a great case for someone that wants a genuine bamboo iPhone case. The 100 percent natural bamboo use, smooth finish, and interior felt placement, all make for a high quality and visually stunning iPhone case.

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