Bamboo iPhone 5 Case with Engraved Great Wave Keychain

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case with Engraved Great Wave Keychain

This bamboo iPhone 5 case by SurferTiki is a great case that features a famous wood print that was made in Japan in the 1800’s. Known as “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” it depicts an enormous wave as drawn in the Japanese style of the time.

This engraving has been made on the backside of the bamboo case with the high tech method of laser engraving (carbon dioxide laser that operates in the far IR region and renowned for wood marking).

This case features a light bamboo tone, a bit lighter than the standard iPhone bamboo cases that are usually sold. Some may like this lighter color, although there are darker bamboo cases available.

As always, consider your usage of the case carefully prior to purchase. If you use your iPhone in an industrial environment you may want to go the route of something more along the lines of the Otterbox series for heavy-duty protection. Of course, you will be giving up the natural bamboo beauty – but your phone will survive!

In addition to the great case by SurferTiki, this one also comes with an engraved wood keychain. While not super useful on its own, it is a nice addition that you might enjoy if you really like bamboo and also enjoy the artwork. The SurferTiki bamboo case alone is worth the price and the keychain should probably just be considered a fun freebie.


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