Bamboo Case With Japanese Engraving

Bamboo Case With Japanese Engraving

This engraved bamboo iPhone case by FireBamboo showcases a great looking case that sports both functionality and a great style. If you are into the look of Japanese art then this case should be the one for you – likewise if you are a fan of the natural look of bamboo.

The case features an engraving on the bamboo of the famous Japanese painting, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai. This work of art was originally made in in the 1830’s as a woodblock print – very appropriate given that it is now on a wood case!

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The FireBamboo iPhone case is a bit lighter than other wood cases – this helps to really show off the engraving of the “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”. The volume buttons and standard connection ports are easily accessible with this bamboo case, and FireBamboo has done a good job of rounding corners and edges in these areas. One shortcoming of lower quality cases is sharp edges and joined areas that are not flat or rounded. The FireBamboo case displays none of these issues and is very visually appealing.

Having a bamboo iPhone case means that you have the protection you need in order to help your phone survive a normal fall or bump. That said, you should not depend on a bamboo case, from any manufacturer, for protection against damage from extreme use – if you need something for an industrial environment or find yourself routinely dropping your iPhone from a height you should investigate the Otterbox line of heavy duty cases. However, if you are interested in bamboo you are looking for a much more interesting and visually appealing case than those offered by Otterbox for maximum protection.

Overall, the FireBamboo iPhone case with the The Great Wave engraving is a superb and beautiful bamboo case for your iPhone 4 or 4S. It offers good protection and great looks for a good price.

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