BoxWave Bamboo iPhone Case

BoxWave Bamboo iPhone Case

The BoxWave bamboo iPhone case nicely bridges the gap between fully synthetic and one hundred percent raw wood cases. This special case has a back exterior that is real bamboo, while the edges and curved portions are a rubberized black that helps grip and hold the phone. Additionally this helps aid in protection as the rubberized edges are a bit more forgiving and resistant to drops and shocks than raw wood.

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The case is a very lightweight and long lasting choice – the bamboo backing on the BoxWave serves to accentuate and give it a natural look that contrasts nicely with the industrial design of the iPhone itself.

The BoxWave bamboo iPhone case easily attaches to the iPhone, it is designed to “snap” onto the phone and hold itself securely without obstructing the entire edge. In addition, this bamboo and rubberized case has the requisite cutouts for proper control of the phone – these are large enough to be easily accessible without taking too much away from the overall design. Care was taken in design of the case to make sure that there would be no interference with the flash and camera utility of the iPhone when used with the case.

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BoxWave believes in renewable resources such as the bamboo used in the case and ensures that the use of bamboo is done to help curb non renewable resources while still holding a high standard for functionality, design, and form. The non bamboo portion of this case (rubberized) is known for its ability to resist oil and grease stains (fingerprints), a soft feel that is comfortable to hold, and resistance to gathering dust – a nice added bonus since no case for an iPhone looks nice with smudges, dirt, and dust all over it – like some of the raw plastic cases out there.

Overall, the BoxWave bamboo case is a great choice that offers more protection than a one hundred percent bamboo case without sacrificing much of the “natural” look. This is great choice for those interested in the bamboo look while retaining some of the perks of a rubberized case.

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