BoxWave iPhone 5 Bamboo Case

BoxWave iPhone 5 Bamboo Case

BoxWave has made some great wood cases and their updated bamboo version for the iPhone 5 is no exception. The BoxWave iPhone 5 bamboo case takes what was good about the iPhone 4 case and made improvements that have resulted in a great looking case that should be at the top of your list for an excellent iPhone 5 wood case.

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The back of this bamboo case has added features to help protect your iPhone 5 and keep it from being damaged. For this bamboo case there is an actual velvet liner that gently holds and cushions the phone from the hard bamboo. In fact, the liner provides two types of protection:

  • Protection from interaction with the bamboo during day to day use
  • Protection from debris such as dirt, grit, etc that gets sandwiched between cases and phones

This is an important feature that users sometimes forget about until their iPhone has a large defect or it looks awful – the way this case is designed minimizes any chance of this occuring. That said, the standard disclaimer about wood cases applies; if you routinely use your phone in an industrial environment or are prone to high drops or other hard actions that test your phone you should consider getting a case meant to take that extreme abuse – something like the Otterbox series of iPhone cases. These types of cases will protect your phone even more but it comes at the expense of having a bulky and not nearly as attractive outer case.

The BoxWave bamboo case looks great – the light bamboo tones and natural wood finish give it a soft and even look. If you are in to wood cases at all you know what it means – good wood cases have a certain look to them. The BoxWave case is one of these and just looks right.

The edges of BoxWave’s iPhone 5 case design gives it a “wrap around” feature. This means that the bamboo extends all the way around the sides to the front face. So, whether you are viewing it from the back, side, or front, you get a view of some of the bamboo. Some cases only come up on the sides and do not have such a good “wrap” ratio.

As usual, the ports are easily accesible and the port holes are rounded to fit in with the overall design and aesthetic of the rest of the case.

Overall, the BoxWave iPhone 5 bamboo case is a great natural bamboo case for the price. The interior protection and lining, combined with the smooth finish and tone means that this case should be one of your top choices!

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