Boxwave Minimus Bamboo iPhone 5c Case

Boxwave Minimus Bamboo iPhone 5c Case

Boxwave makes many great cases and has come up with some solid options for bamboo iphone cases for the 5c. They offer the one shown here, the Minimus bamboo 5c case, in a black matte finish with a genuine bamboo backing, as well as other colors.

Features on this great case include well cut out port and camera areas – some cheaper cases can be a real pain when the cutouts are not done correctly or do not allow for correct usage of the phone.

The Boxwave minimus case snaps to your iPhone 5c and stays put – easy to put on and to remove. In addition to looking great, this Boxwave case is very lightweight and built to last.

Check out the pictures below and see if this is the case for you – many people have reviewed this case and given it extremely high ratings.

The bamboo plant grows in single stalks, called culms. An extremely fast growing plant, as much as 39” in one day, each culm grows to full height and strength within 2 years. Between years 3-5, a fungus begins to grow along the outside of the stalk, eventually overtaking the bamboo and destroying it from the inside out sometime 5-7 years into its life.

Harvested, then, during years 2-4, the bamboo plant finds purpose as a food source, a building material, and as a raw product in things like textiles, paper, and musical instruments.

Enter the True Bamboo Minimus Case, a refined and responsible choice for your device.

The True Bamboo Minimus Case features an ultra slim, anti-slip design, fitting like a glove instead of a winter coat: real protection without sacrificing functionality and range of motion.

A great combination, the Bamboo backing of the True Bamboo is surrounded by our Jet Black Minimus Case shell. This shell is constructed using hard plastic and enhanced with our signature SmoothTexture finish. Our SmoothTexture finish is known for its:

  • Strong resistance to oil, grease, and fingerprints
  • Softer feel
  • Ability to repel surface dust

The True Bamboo Minimus Case: Pitch Perfect

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