Care and Maintenance

You want your new bamboo iPhone case to last as long as possible and keep its nice, clean, wood tones – right? There are some simple and inexpensive care and maintenance things that you can do to ensure that your bamboo case lasts for as long as possible and keeps looking as good, or better, than the day you bought it.

Most of these tips apply to wood phone cases in general – although there is no guaranteed amount of time that these tips will extend the life of your phone for, they have been shown to work on many other wood products used in the home and with consumer electronics.

  • Oil your case! Seriously – this is common practice for anything from kitchen tables to cutting boards, your bamboo phone case is no different. The occasional light application of a walnut or mineral oil will keep your case in top shape and help keep it from cracking, peeling, or breaking. Stay away from cooking oils as they can go rancid and ruin your iPhone case. The amount of oil needed by the case varies; a rule of thumb is to put a dab onto a rag and wipe it in, start small – you can always add more if needed.
  • Take care of your phone and case – wooden, and especially bamboo, cases are resilient and can stand up to some impressive falls, spills, and other accidents but they won’t take everything! If you are going to be using your iPhone in an industrial environment or you regularly drop it onto hard surfaces you should look at a case like the Otterbox series – you trade the natural wood look for a boxy and large case, but your phone will stay in one piece!

A little bit of care, some regular and quick maintenance, and your bamboo iPhone case will last longer than others and look great too.



Common Questions


Q: How can my bamboo case be opened or removed?

A: Most bamboo cases can be opened or removed by either “popping out” like a regular phone case, or by sliding the halves apart.


Q: Can I get a warranty on my iPhone after I have purchased it?

A: Yes – post purchase warranties for iPhones can be purchased here.




Below are some products that can inexpensively help extend the lifetime and look of your bamboo case:


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