iPhone 4

Eimolife Sailing Bamboo iPhone Case

The Eimolife Sailing bamboo iPhone case is another great case from the respected manufacturer Eimolife. Eimolife is known for making a wide variety of bamboo cases that are highly reviewed and of good quality. The Sailing case showcases a nautical theme with a large sailboat from the past – it in fact looks like something... Read More »

Bamboo Sea Turtle With Custom Engraving

If you are looking for something more unique than the usual cases, even the bamboo iPhone cases, then you should check out this sea turtle case with custom name engraving. Your case will be engraved with the Hawaiian themed sea turtle artwork shown in the picture and after purchase you can send your name in... Read More »

Bamboo iPhone 4 Case With Tree Artwork by Kaufease

This bamboo iPhone 4/4S case by Kaufease features a beautiful tree design that has been integrated into the back side of the bamboo shell. Not only does the case feature the natural bamboo tones and stylish curves and lines of handworked wood, it also has extra protective features built in; the interior of the case has inserts... Read More »

Dark Bamboo iPhone Case by Eimolife with Flower

Eimolife has another great iPhone case, this one has a deep, dark, lustrous bamboo that features a Sapele flower on the backside of the phone case. If you are interested in a great looking bamboo case for your iPhone 4 or 4S then you should read the review on this great case. Price: $16.99   The Eimolife... Read More »

Handmade Bamboo Case by Eimolife

This bamboo iPhone case by Eimolife features a unique design pattern on the back face, quality construction, and a great over all look. Additionally, the part is handmade and made from 100% raw materials. Price: $19.99   The pattern on the back side of the Eimolife bamboo case is a unique mushroom design. The picture... Read More »

Dark Bamboo iPhone Case

This dark bamboo iPhone case is a sleek and natural bamboo case that is highly rated, well reviewed, and looks fantastic. If you are looking for a sleek and natural looking iPhone case, this bamboo one might be for you. Price: $5.64   The low price of this phone case is a nice addition –... Read More »

BoxWave Bamboo iPhone Case

The BoxWave bamboo iPhone case nicely bridges the gap between fully synthetic and one hundred percent raw wood cases. This special case has a back exterior that is real bamboo, while the edges and curved portions are a rubberized black that helps grip and hold the phone. Additionally this helps aid in protection as the... Read More »

Bamboo Case With Japanese Engraving

This engraved bamboo iPhone case by FireBamboo showcases a great looking case that sports both functionality and a great style. If you are into the look of Japanese art then this case should be the one for you – likewise if you are a fan of the natural look of bamboo. The case features an... Read More »

Ideal-tech Bamboo iPhone Case with Tree and Birds

Ideal-tech has made a nice bamboo case with some great natural artwork on the backside. This particular case features the branches of what appears to be a large tree, spreading out its branches across the entire backside of the case. Within the tree sits a couple of birds - a great look for the bamboo case, this artwork appears to be well done and looks fantastic. The case itself features a darker hue than many, this may be to your taste or it may not be. If it's a little too dark, there are other... Read More »

Eimolife Bamboo iPhone Case with Stripes

If you're looking for something off of the beaten path of regular bamboo iPhone cases, then you should check out this Eimolife bamboo case with colored stripes. Eimolife has taken a standard bamboo iPhone case and made it with many strips of bamboo that have been dyed into various colors. This gives it a vibrant look and lets you show off some color while still maintaining the natural and somewhat subtle look of the bamboo - although the colors aren't really what you would describe as subtle! If you are looking for some bright tones on your case then this one might be for... Read More »