iPhone 5

iGear iPhone 5 Bamboo Case The Racer

iGear has made a good looking bamboo iPhone 5 case that features a striped look while still retaining the classic appeal of bamboo cases. The iGear bamboo case is made from two difference tones of bamboo, these are then sandwiched together to give it the striped look that iGear has decided to call, “The Racer”.... Read More »

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case with Engraved Great Wave Keychain

This bamboo iPhone 5 case by SurferTiki is a great case that features a famous wood print that was made in Japan in the 1800's. Known as "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" it depicts an enormous wave as drawn in the Japanese style of the... Read More »

Natural Bamboo iPhone 5 Case by MegaGear

The natural bamboo case by MegaGear for the iPhone 5 is a solidly designed case that looks great too. Although the manufacturer makes some odd claims (“improves reception!”) – it is a good all around bamboo case with an understated look and no flashy frills or extras. If you are looking for a bamboo case... Read More »

BoxWave iPhone 5 Bamboo Case

BoxWave has made some great wood cases and their updated bamboo version for the iPhone 5 is no exception. The BoxWave iPhone 5 bamboo case takes what was good about the iPhone 4 case and made improvements that have resulted in a great looking case that should be at the top of your list for... Read More »

Hard Bamboo Wood Case by Eimolife

Another great bamboo case by Eimolife – one of the premier makers of bamboo iPhone cases. With this iPhone 5 bamboo case they are changing up the colors a bit and going with a hard finish that results in a darker look. If you are in the market for a good looking bamboo iPhone case... Read More »

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case by Eimolife

Eimolife has developed and put into production a nice bamboo case for the iPhone 5. This case retains the natural good looks, even colors, and rugged simplicity of the Eimolife line of wood iPhone cases while updating it for the iPhone 5. Price: $17.47   The Eimolife bamboo case features a great natural look –... Read More »

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case Natural

One of the first bamboo iPhone 5 cases on the market, this 100% natural bamboo wood case is a very nice. With the natural finish, smooth lines, and slim contours, the case is a bamboo lover’s dream come true. Even if you aren’t “in love” with bamboo, you have to admit that this case is... Read More »

Eimolife Bamboo iPhone Case with Stripes

If you're looking for something off of the beaten path of regular bamboo iPhone cases, then you should check out this Eimolife bamboo case with colored stripes. Eimolife has taken a standard bamboo iPhone case and made it with many strips of bamboo that have been dyed into various colors. This gives it a vibrant look and lets you show off some color while still maintaining the natural and somewhat subtle look of the bamboo - although the colors aren't really what you would describe as subtle! If you are looking for some bright tones on your case then this one might be for... Read More »