Boxwave Minimus Bamboo iPhone 5c Case

Boxwave makes many great cases and has come up with some solid options for bamboo iphone cases for the 5c. They offer the one shown here, the Minimus bamboo 5c case, in a black matte finish with a genuine bamboo backing, as well as other colors. Features on this great case include well cut out... Read More »

Eimolife Sailing Bamboo iPhone Case

The Eimolife Sailing bamboo iPhone case is another great case from the respected manufacturer Eimolife. Eimolife is known for making a wide variety of bamboo cases that are highly reviewed and of good quality. The Sailing case showcases a nautical theme with a large sailboat from the past – it in fact looks like something... Read More »

iGear iPhone 5 Bamboo Case The Racer

iGear has made a good looking bamboo iPhone 5 case that features a striped look while still retaining the classic appeal of bamboo cases. The iGear bamboo case is made from two difference tones of bamboo, these are then sandwiched together to give it the striped look that iGear has decided to call, “The Racer”.... Read More »

Matek Bamboo iPad 2 Case

Are you looking for a unique and natural looking case for your iPad? Matek has made a great dark toned iPad 2 bamboo case that looks great and will help protect your iPad. As is standard on high quality wood cases, the interior of the back surface has a black felt covering. This will protect... Read More »

Bamboo Sea Turtle With Custom Engraving

If you are looking for something more unique than the usual cases, even the bamboo iPhone cases, then you should check out this sea turtle case with custom name engraving. Your case will be engraved with the Hawaiian themed sea turtle artwork shown in the picture and after purchase you can send your name in... Read More »

Eimolife iPad 2 Bamboo Case

Eimolife has made a great looking case that fits the iPad 2 with a light toned bamboo cover that looks just as good, if not better, than the best Eimolife cases for the... Read More »

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case with Engraved Great Wave Keychain

This bamboo iPhone 5 case by SurferTiki is a great case that features a famous wood print that was made in Japan in the 1800's. Known as "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" it depicts an enormous wave as drawn in the Japanese style of the... Read More »

Natural Bamboo iPhone 5 Case by MegaGear

The natural bamboo case by MegaGear for the iPhone 5 is a solidly designed case that looks great too. Although the manufacturer makes some odd claims (“improves reception!”) – it is a good all around bamboo case with an understated look and no flashy frills or extras. If you are looking for a bamboo case... Read More »

Bamboo iPhone 4 Case With Tree Artwork by Kaufease

This bamboo iPhone 4/4S case by Kaufease features a beautiful tree design that has been integrated into the back side of the bamboo shell. Not only does the case feature the natural bamboo tones and stylish curves and lines of handworked wood, it also has extra protective features built in; the interior of the case has inserts... Read More »

Dark Bamboo iPhone Case by Eimolife with Flower

Eimolife has another great iPhone case, this one has a deep, dark, lustrous bamboo that features a Sapele flower on the backside of the phone case. If you are interested in a great looking bamboo case for your iPhone 4 or 4S then you should read the review on this great case. Price: $16.99   The Eimolife... Read More »

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