Dark Bamboo iPhone Case by Eimolife with Flower

Dark Bamboo iPhone Case by Eimolife with Flower

Eimolife has another great iPhone case, this one has a deep, dark, lustrous bamboo that features a Sapele flower on the backside of the phone case. If you are interested in a great looking bamboo case for your iPhone 4 or 4S then you should read the review on this great case.

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The Eimolife bamboo case features a hand carved piece of art on the back – it is an engraving of the Sapele flower. The Sapele flower comes from the Sapele tree which is a large tree that can reach 45 meters in height and is primarily used for high quality musical instruments – a fitting touch for an iPhone case.

The natural dark bamboo of the Eimolife case is a great feature – it stands out from the lighter toned cases and has a very solid look that is enhanced by the darker color. When looking at the case it appears as a more “solid” entity and is surprisingly light.

The Eimolife dark bamboo case is, as with the other Eimolife cases, 100 percent hand crafted. This is important when working with a wood like Bamboo; mass produced bamboo can be difficult to quality control, especially when trying to fit it to something small and precise such as the iPhone. The edges are carefully rounded as are the input / headphone / output areas – nicely rounded to avoid sharp angular areas where the case is open for ports.

The bamboo case does a good job of protection from damage, but the standard clauses apply. If you are going to be using your iPhone in an industrial environment or are prone to dropping phones from heights or other potentially “fatal” phone accidents you might want to consider something in the Otterbox series. Although you will make the trade off of the natural look of bamboo for increased protection, it might save your phone.

These cases go together as two pieces that lock in place on your iPhone. This makes cleaning and maintenance to the case and phone incredibly easy – as well as the initial installation of the case.

Overall the Eimolife dark bamboo case is a great buy if you are interested in a dark toned bamboo case. The Sapele flower adds to the unique design and gives it a one of a kind look. Combined with the low price, this case is a definite buy.

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