Dark Bamboo iPhone Case

Dark Bamboo iPhone Case

This dark bamboo iPhone case is a sleek and natural bamboo case that is highly rated, well reviewed, and looks fantastic. If you are looking for a sleek and natural looking iPhone case, this bamboo one might be for you.

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The low price of this phone case is a nice addition – it is a great looking wood case that fits nicely to the iPhone 4 and 4S. The case has all of the requisite cutouts and has great rounded corners on the outer portion of the case as well as near the inputs and volume controls. This is a nice feature that adds to the usability and overall aesthetic of the case.

Reviewers have noted that it will break if handled roughly – that is something that can happen with wood cases in general. Most are not meant to withstand hard drops; in reality, the case breaking is likely to save your phone from the impact. However, if you plan to use your phone in an industrial environment or you are very rough with your iPhone then you should consider something like the Otterbox series of cases for high levels of protection – at the expense of a less appealing look.

This bamboo case is made entirely from 100% pure bamboo and has been given a very smooth finish for a great feel and look. The darker than usual color of this model is a nice change from the more regular lighter tones seen in similar products.

Overall, this bamboo iPhone case is a great pick for someone looking to get into wood cases with a low cost of entry. It has a great look and finish but lacks some of the more desired protection elements found on higher prices bamboo cases. If you are looking to try out a bamboo case you should try this bamboo iPhone case out today.

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