Eimolife Bamboo iPhone Case with Stripes

Eimolife Bamboo iPhone Case with Stripes

If you’re looking for something off of the beaten path of regular bamboo iPhone cases, then you should check out this Eimolife bamboo case with colored stripes. Eimolife has taken a standard bamboo iPhone case and made it with many strips of bamboo that have been dyed into various colors.

This gives it a vibrant look and lets you show off some color while still maintaining the natural and somewhat subtle look of the bamboo – although the colors aren’t really what you would describe as subtle! If you are looking for some bright tones on your case then this one might be for you.

One thing that people have repeatedly mentioned about this case is that there seems to be a tight fit with some of the jacks and the iPhone 4 – many people think that it may in fact work best with the iPhone 5. Be sure to check out the pictures and read the reviews.

Overall, this is a great looking bamboo case that really brings some great colors and uniqueness to the area of bamboo cases. Grab yours on Amazon.com.

Designed and made Originally by eimo/eimolife.Please notice the pack to ensure product warranty.

Brand new and high quality.Color and design exactly as the picture shows.

It will protect your iPhone from scrapes and scratches.

It is a universal case that works for all models of the iPhone – including AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint. The case is easy to apply and remove without any tools or damage!

Elegant: the unique designs, superior quality wood (bamboo) material made more show your elegance and high quality temperament.

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