Eimolife iPad 2 Bamboo Case

Eimolife iPad 2 Bamboo Case

Eimolife has made a great looking case that fits the iPad 2 with a light toned bamboo cover that looks just as good, if not better, than the best Eimolife cases for the iPhone.

This bamboo iPad case has a great fit and the recessed holes for controls, camera, and headphones are nicely rounded to provide a smooth natural look that complements the case and works great in real life as it avoids snagging on loose ends or collecting lint and other debris.

The interior of the case is lined with velvet to further protect your iPad 2 from any debris that might make its way into the case. This is a very important feature when considering wood cases.

The Eimolife case, as mentioned, has a lighter tone to it, and has a striped pattern. It’s one of the best looking iPad 2 cases on the market – check out the pictures below!

Designed and made Originally by eimo/eimolife.Please notice the pack to ensure product warranty.

Brand new and high quality.Color and design exactly as the picture shows.

Each eco-friendly bamboo wood case is unique in appearance and offers a modern look for storing your iPad 2 every day.

The iPad Case is designed with two interlocking pieces for easy installation, soft velvet lining to protect the back of your iPad 2 from scratches.

Elegant: the unique designs, superior quality wood (bamboo) material made more show your elegance and high quality temperament.

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