Eimolife Sailing Bamboo iPhone Case

Eimolife Sailing Bamboo iPhone Case

The Eimolife Sailing bamboo iPhone case is another great case from the respected manufacturer Eimolife. Eimolife is known for making a wide variety of bamboo cases that are highly reviewed and of good quality. The Sailing case showcases a nautical theme with a large sailboat from the past – it in fact looks like something out of a pirate movie. This feeling is also helped by the inclusion of a little island with palm trees located on the bottom corner of the backside of the case, as seen in the picture.

If you are looking for a good natural iPhone case, then the sailing case might be the one for you. It’s a little more “fun” than the standard cases and with the interesting sailboat design on the back it might not appeal to everyone. However, if you are looking for something a bit more unique and off the beaten path then you are in the right place!

The price is in line with the rest of their cases which are usually right about twenty dollars (US).

Overall, this bamboo iPhone case has a bit of a lighter tone than many others, but a lot of people prefer the look. In this case, it works well with the darker image that has been engraved into the backside.

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