Ideal-tech Bamboo iPhone Case with Tree and Birds

Ideal-tech Bamboo iPhone Case with Tree and Birds

Ideal-tech has made a nice bamboo case with some great natural artwork on the backside. This particular case features the branches of what appears to be a large tree, spreading out its branches across the entire backside of the case. Within the tree sits a couple of birds – a great look for the bamboo case, this artwork appears to be well done and looks fantastic.

The case itself features a darker hue than many, this may be to your taste or it may not be. If it’s a little too dark, there are other options.

Along with the Ideal-tech case and artwork you also get a free microfiber cloth and a free screen protector (sized for the iPhone 4/4S). This is a nice addition, it’s surprising that more case manufacturers do not include microfiber cloths with their cases. Although phone screens are getting better at withstanding marks and stains, it is still handy to have a cloth to wipe of the face of the iPhone with occasionally. Kudos to Ideal-tech for including this free of charge.

Compatible Brand: All Apple iPhone 4 4S both AT&T and Verizon

100% Brand New and High Quality
Offers excellent protection,Improves reception
This Hard case is made by real Natural wood,with soft velvet interior,protect your iPhone back cover for scratches
Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone
Size: Perfect fit
Accessory ONLY, phone not included

Material: Natural wood& Microfiber inside so it’s not as strong as hard plastic,please take care the case.

Length: 4.8in
Width: 2.56in
Height: 0.51in
Weight: 22g

1 x Natural Real Bamboo Wood Wooden Hard Cover Case fr Iphone 4 4G 4S
1 x iPhon 4 4S Screen Protecter (Free Gift)
1 x iPhon 4 4S Microfiber Cloth(Free Gift)

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