iGear iPhone 5 Bamboo Case The Racer

iGear iPhone 5 Bamboo Case The Racer

iGear has made a good looking bamboo iPhone 5 case that features a striped look while still retaining the classic appeal of bamboo cases. The iGear bamboo case is made from two difference tones of bamboo, these are then sandwiched together to give it the striped look that iGear has decided to call, “The Racer”.

This iPhone 5 case is made from 100% bamboo and has a good feel to it – like most bamboo cases. One of the great things about bamboo, when compared to other hardwoods, is the fact that it is usually a bit “grippier” than others. This means that it doesn’t slip from your hand as easily as some woods – like polished cherry.

The iGear bamboo case comes in two parts – with wood case you don’t want to “snap it in”; the case comes apart in halves and you fit it around your phone and push it together. Additionally, there is a black velvet lining on the backside to protect your phone from scratches and other damage due to debris or dirt that can work its way into the case. Be sure that any wood case you purchase has this feature – without it you can damage or deeply scratch your phone in many places.

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