Matek Bamboo iPad 2 Case

Matek Bamboo iPad 2 Case

Are you looking for a unique and natural looking case for your iPad? Matek has made a great dark toned iPad 2 bamboo case that looks great and will help protect your iPad.

As is standard on high quality wood cases, the interior of the back surface has a black felt covering. This will protect your iPad from scratches that can be caused by debris getting between the iPad and the case. When this happens you can scratch your case as it moves ever so slightly during regular use. Having this interior covering protects it and keeps it looking new.

All input/output areas have been nicely cut out and feature rounded edges that result in a more natural and pleasant look and mean that this Matek iPad 2 case will be less likely to chip, peel, or break – an important quality in a hardwood case.

The darker color of the Matek case is a nice rich brown, if you are interested in a lighter color, you should look at the Eimolife bamboo iPad 2 case. They both are quality cases, but feature very different colors and looks.

Overall, the Matek is a great case for those looking for a dark toned bamboo case to showcase and protect their iPad 2.

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