Natural Bamboo iPhone 5 Case by MegaGear

Natural Bamboo iPhone 5 Case by MegaGear

The natural bamboo case by MegaGear for the iPhone 5 is a solidly designed case that looks great too. Although the manufacturer makes some odd claims (“improves reception!”) – it is a good all around bamboo case with an understated look and no flashy frills or extras. If you are looking for a bamboo case that most closely resembles pure bamboo grain you should consider the MegaGear iPhone 5 case.

The interior of this bamboo case has black felt on the backside. This is an important feature that helps to protect your phone from debris and dirt. Over time, if debris enters the area between the case and the phone you can get scratches and potentially worse. However, the felt pads alleviate this issue by providing a soft layer that will help contain and remove any dirt or scratch causing particles.

As always, if you are very tough on your iPhone or anticipate using it in an industrial environment, no wood case will totally protect you – consider looking into something like the Otterbox series of heavy duty iPhone cases.

Access to the volume controls, charging, and headphone jack are nicely beveled and are easy to reach.

Overall, if you are in the market for a solid bamboo case with a natural and solid tone, consider the MegaGear bamboo iPhone 5 case.

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