Why Bamboo?

Bamboo has several qualities that make it a great choice for use in a case, especially for your iPhone. Wood cases in general have some exceptional characteristics and a look that can’t be beat, and bamboo continues this tradition in fine style.

Great Look

To be honest, the bamboo iPhone cases just look great! Almost all of the bamboo cases available have a very natural and appealing style to them that makes it a great fit for someone wanting a case that isn’t the usual rubber or plastic combo that 95% of the case makers crank out year round.

Are you looking for bamboo case with customized artwork? Read up on how easy it can be to have your own custom case made.

Handmade and Eco Friendly

When you buy a bamboo iPhone case you are getting a handmade product that is much more environmentally friendly than other cases. Most of the cases reviewed here are made from 100% raw bamboo – there are a few that have added touches for additional security, protection, or look, that sport small patches of plastic or rubber. This is always apparent from the pictures and you can be assured of getting a 100% bamboo case if that is what you want.

Because the cases are made from 100% raw bamboo there is much less waste. The wood can be easily formed and does not require much of the industrial output that other cases require. Additionally, the bamboo tree is incredibly fast growing and is an easily replenish-able stock. In case you haven’t heard just how fast bamboo can actually grow, in the right conditions it can grow at 2 inches per hour! This is amazing when compared to a tree like the oak which can take 120 years to reach maturity.


The cost of most bamboo iPhone cases is very reasonable. The low price of the bamboo itself helps to keep the price low on the finished product and since the wood is easily worked into shape the end result is a case that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but has the look and feel of a very expensive, hand crafted, and unique item. Most cases can be found for under twenty dollars.

If you are interested in a natural looking wood case you should seriously consider a bamboo iPhone case – they have a great look that can’t be easily matched and the price is much lower than one would expect for a 100% natural product. You can even find some of the cases with artwork – the price generally isn’t much of an increase, if any, and the designs offered are great.

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